CrystalAir Essential Oil Diffuser

SKU: S03811


CrystalAir Essential Oil Diffuser creates an elevated and elegant environment. It has a combination of a frosted glass geometric-shaped cover and a woodgrain base. Warm white light and soft white light modes allow you to further enhance your space.

This misting diffuser transforms water and your favorite essential oil into a fragrant mist - providing a spa-like atmosphere for your space. Don't worry about falling too deep into relaxation. Once the tank is empty, the diffuser shuts off to prevent any damage to the unit.

  • Up to 5 Hours of Continuous Mist

  • Up to 10 Hours of Intermittent Mist

  • Large Room Size

  • Warm White Light, Soft White Light, or Off Light Modes

  • 150mL Water Capacity

  • Includes cETLus certified AC adapter

  • Automatic Safety Shut Off


Diffusers are an easy and effective method for enjoying all the benefits of aromatherapy. We specialize in providing a range of designs and features to meet your wants and needs. 


Different spaces call for different designs. Whether you are looking for something neutral and minimal, or bold and beautiful, we have a design for you. We utilize a variety of different materials such as glass, ceramic and plastic to give you the ultimate assortment when finding one that matches your space. 


When deciding which diffuser will best suit your needs, the main features to notice are run times, room sizes, light modes and power sources. We have options that include smaller water tanks with shorter run times, as well as larger water tanks with longer run times. Some utilize neutral white lights, while others have colorful lights. Some have USB cords, while others have adaptors. We strive to cater to all and provide you with an option that you will love.


In striving to provide a diffuser that meets all your wants and needs, we go above and beyond and offer specialty options. These special features include a mist timer, app-enabled, directional mist output, dual water tanks, rechargeability, remote controlled, adjustable mist switch, sound machine or Bluetooth speaker.

accessible self-care 

Using aromatherapy diffusers is a simple way to indulge in accessible self-care every day. Making your space your spa is as easy as adding water and essential oil to your device and pressing start.

Your Space. Your Spa.

What differentiates sparoom® products in the market is the innovation to keep reinventing our key products while building and maintaining our brand as a household staple you can trust. 

sparoom® is different from our competitors because we focus on quality, features and function. All of our products go through an in-depth development process before becoming a contender to launch to market. 

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