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Powered by essential oils, botanicals and premium ingredients, we make it simple for anyone to have a luxurious and customized experience. Our mission is to expand and evolve into what our brand name embodies – making your space, your spa.

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What is Ashawaganda (and why is it in our Bath Powders)?

Ashawaganda! Have you heard this buzzword that’s been circulating around the wellness space for some time now? Maybe you’ve seen it in supplement form or maybe it’s been added to...

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The Best Essential Oils for Natural Bug Repellent

As summer rolls around and outdoor activities beckon, the pesky presence of bugs can put a damper on our fun. While there are plenty of chemical-based insect repellents available, many...

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DIY Bug Repellent Outdoor Centerpiece

What if I told you there was a way to make a beautiful candle-lit summer centerpiece for your outdoor dinner party and also have it repel pesky mosquitoes? Yep, you...

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