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Cool Peppermint Essential Oil Room Spray

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• Make your home feel clean, clear and refreshed

• Clear away unpleasant odors with a clean minty aroma

• Pure Plant-based ingredients that feature Peppermint essential oil

Freshen up your space with our Cool Mint Room Spray. Let the vibrant scent of peppermint awaken your senses and revitalize your living spaces. Imagine a cool breeze carrying the invigorating aroma of fresh mint through every corner of your home, clearing your mind and uplifting your spirits.

This room spray is not just a fragrance; it's a holistic experience. Made with pure peppermint essential oil, known for its cleansing properties, this spray will leave your rooms feeling renewed and energized. Say goodbye to stale odors and welcome a breath of fresh air into your daily life. Spritz it on your bed linens for a crisp, clean feel, or give your furniture a minty makeover.

With just a few sprays, you can mask unwanted smells from pets, kids, and even the lingering scents of last night's dinner. Embrace the power of nature and transform your living space - because every breath should refresh your well-being!


Refreshing, cooling, invigorating, minty, energizing

Smells Like

Minty, Invigorating, Refreshing, Crisp, Cooling

Size: 16.90 oz (500 mL)


• Invigorating
• Energizing
• Cooling
• Mood Boosting
• Odor Elimination


Hold the bottle upright, pointing away from face and pull the trigger. Spray towards a ceiling fan to increase the coverage area.

Safety & Warnings

When using our peppermint room spray, it’s best to follow the principle of “less is more.” Begin with the lowest recommended number of sprays for any method of application and adjust according to your personal preference. This approach allows you to gauge the sprays potency and avoid overwhelming your senses or experiencing any adverse reactions.

WARNING: Flammable. Not for internal use. may irritate skin. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. Keep out of reach out children and pets. Undiluted oil not intended for topical use. If pregnant, nursing, taking medications or allergic to ingredients, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use or consult a doctor if adverse reactions occur. Results vary.

Product information

Made with 100% Pure Essential Oils

Water, Alcohol, and Base Fragrance blended with Peppermint (Mentha piperita) essential oil


the epitome of luxury and freshness


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