Who is sparoom®?

Smell Good, Feel Great, Live Better

sparoom® is the world's leading expert in all things Aromatherapy and specializes in Diffusers & Essential Oils. Our goal is to create beneficial lifestyle products to improve your overall wellbeing by enriching your mind, body, and home at an affordable price!

What Makes Our Diffusers Unique?

sparoom® Diffusers

sparoom® Diffusers allow you to stimulate your mind and body, enjoy natural fragrance and add style to your space. We offer the largest variety of diffusers on the market and put extreme care into the design and performance of each model to give you the features and look you need.

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What Makes Our Oils Special?

sparoom® Essential Oils

Every sparoom® Essential Oil is globally sourced 100% Pure and Natural. We believe in using only the highest-grade, therapeutic essential oils and each batch is third-party GC/MS tested for purity and composition. Enjoy natural fragrance & therapeutic benefits in a variety of wellness products.

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What Makes Our HALLS Line Unique?

sparoom® & HALLS

sparoom® has also partnered with HALLS® with the mission to create aromatherapy products that capture the essence of their relieving cough and cold brand. All sparoom® HALLS® products are made with proprietary blends containing menthol and Inspired by HALLS® iconic flavors - Honey Lemon, Cherry and Mentho-Lyptus®. Furthermore, this collaboration with HALLS® features Mini SpaMist Essential Oil Diffuser along with carefully thought out variety of Diffusing Oils, Topical Roll-ons and Inhalers, all made with sparoom® 100% Pure Essential Oils.

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